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Teaching people communication and intimacy skills for better, more loving relationships.


5 Tips Women Wished You Knew About Eating Pussy

Descriptions for my most popular courses on love and relationships


And five tips to help you have successful, playful, and intimate rebound sex

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These books have changed the way I look at love and relationships


Talking about sex will make you a better lover.

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Ways to cultivate self-love when you look for it elsewhere.

Your author, looking at you how I wish you looked at yourself

We all want others to like us


Giving My First Blowjob as a Heterosexual Teenager

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Before Tinder, There Was AOL

Emotional Availability

How To Find Open-Hearted Humans (And Become One Yourself)

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A love coach answers the most-asked breakup questions

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And seven other reasons why people ghost.

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Shaun Galanos — Love Coach

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